The Giant Foot – now available. I’m inspired!

My sweet little boy has written his first book.  Christopher wrote it, we both did the illustrations.  We then put the whole thing together and uploaded it to Lulu, book publisher. We patiently waited for our proof to come in the mail… well, not patiently.

We just now received our final proof copy — and it’s ready to go! It’s awesome! Christopher did an incredible job. His book is adorable, quirky, funny, and eye catching… the story grabs your attention. I love the innocence and imagination. Plus, it’s a book about a GIANT FOOT that STOMPS NEW YORK CITY! How much fun is that?!?  Hah!  Don’t you want to hear how the Giant Foot kicks the top off the Empire State building, trees off the High Line, and the lions off the front of the NY Public Library??? And how one boy saves the day???  Imagination… it’s a wonderful magical fantastical thing.

So…. click here to buy The Giant Foot!  It’s available on now — and in a few weeks, it will be available globally on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online books site. Check out the site with your kids —  they can read about Christopher’s other book recommendations, kitties, and more.  Sign up so you can get updates when he posts new stories and books.

I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired! 

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