X-Factor Audition, here we come

My husband Michael and I are both musicians and singers and had been playing in bands together for years. When we first started watching American Idol (they were already into season 5 or 6 by then), we thought — we must do this… we have to try out! What a disappointment to find out we were too old! First my dream of being an FBI agent, squashed because of my age… and now this! I was distraught. But now with X-Factor coming to town, dare I say it… we are making the trek to New Jersey for the auditions. Michael talked me into it… I was very busy doing nothing (very spectacularly)… but was still not really into putting my 40+ year old self in front of a bunch of judges – no matter how fabulous my husband thinks I am. Well, now, I have committed to it… and to tell you the truth, I’m very excited about the whole challenge.

You have to put yourself out there… doesn’t matter the outcome. It’s all part of life’s experiences… and life’s too short to hold back. Afraid? Nervous? Embarrassed? Just do it… and shut up about it. That’s my motto. So… now… as if the dilemma of what to sing wasn’t bad enough… now the dilemma of what to wear. This will take much effort and many sleepless nights and running to the mall to figure out… only 3 days until we drive to New Jersey for the auditions, so too late for plastic surgery or dieting or magic wrinkle creams… I just need to find something absolutely stunning to wear that I feel comfortable in… that makes me look skinny and adorable… and that I can stand in for 10 hours. Hmph. I’m sure Michael will get dressed while driving and exit the car looking very rock-starish… no need to look in the mirror or primp… just black leather and a scruffy beard and they are good to go, right? I know, I know… I will just do it. And shut up about it.

And who knows… maybe this will lead to other exciting developments. Maybe my other dream of hosting the Regis and Kelly show will come true. With Regis retiring, this could be perfect timing. Wish us luck!

7 thoughts on “X-Factor Audition, here we come

  1. Ha! “Just do it and shut up about it” my new favorite motto. May I suggest you wear the rhinestone heels? (When you get into the audition, of course.) It’s not exactly the scruffy-facial-hair look you were after, but it will do! Have fun. Rock the house like I know you can. Looking forward to hearing the update, and do let me know when Regis calls. Stranger things have happened… xxxxx, B

  2. Do something already……….I’m still waiting for my beach house in Sag Harbor……..by the way I got the Regis job all locked up……I wish you mucho good luck my dears … Daddio

  3. Hey beautiful, go knock them off their feet! Don’t get all crazy about an outfit, go black and you’ll be fine. Heels would help but to stand in them for 10 hours is a bit much so, wear the heels and let Michael carry you around hah, hah. Good luck and go win daddio the house in Sag Harbor.lol

  4. hey beautiful wear something black and you will be fine….heels would be nice but waiting ten hours is too much, so let michael carry you around………good luck and win DADDIO his house in sag harbor………love from your step-mom

  5. You’d look gorgeous in a potato sack so I wouldn’t worry about what to wear. But, yes, definitely wear something that makes you feel confident. Get out there and knock ’em dead! 🙂

  6. Hi dear! You will knock the down with your wonderful carisma. Just enjoy the moment and have fun! Clothes…..a black dress is always right. So just go for it girl : ))
    Hugs from Sweden- Ewa

  7. Barbara, I don’t know you but think it’s ironic that I thought the very same thing: rhinestone heels! The best shoes I’ve ever seen… Dawn, you’re an inspiration. No matter the outcome you guys rock!

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