All in a day’s work…

My husband left early Sunday morning for Colorado and temperatures in the 70s… then the east coast got hit with a major snow storm Sunday night into Monday. I had to do all the stuff I consider “man stuff.”

Here’s my list for Monday:

Shoveled. Checked boiler – low on oil and turning off and on – called for oil delivery and turned valve to increase water in tube on other side of burner. Brought car to gas station to check warning light that came on as husband’s plane disappeared into the distance (manual said something to do with emissions or fuel valve). Mechanic of some sort reset code, light still on. Car wouldn’t go over 15 mph to said gas station – no umph – father recommended dry gas. So, of course I bought the dry gas which is my dad’s cure for anything that goes wrong with your car, for example: running sluggish – try some dry gas… some bizarre metal sound coming from front right wheel well – put some dry gas in… flat tire – dry gas. Yep, that’s the cure (similar to Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and I was lucky enough to learn about it at the age of 16. I also bought some wiper fluid and filled the whosiwhatsit to the tippy top. Did I mention shoveling?

Next day: Warning light off. Car running smooth. Bought some more dry gas.

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