Greatest Job in the World – Video done!

Yeah! my video is now uploaded to the “Greatest Job in the World” website!

We finished uploading my video application for the “Best Job in the World” two nights ago at 1:00am, whew! No matter what the outcome, my family and I had such a wonderful experience putting the video application together. Everyone got in on the act! My husband filmed and edited; my dad and 7 year old son schlepped equipment, made jokes, and hammed it up; my sister pitched in with ideas and techy advice; my brother-in-law suggested the baby pool; and my 4 year old niece joined in the silly antics and was thrilled to be part of the fun. There were a lot of jokes (you must have thick skin around this group!), but my family supports my dreams and I love them for that.

If I make the top 50 list on on March 2, I’ll be asking you to vote for me. Keep your fingers crossed!

One thought on “Greatest Job in the World – Video done!

  1. What do you mean “If you make the top 50”???? Out of 34000 entries submitted, we know yours was better than at least 33,951 of them! 🙂

    Good luck!

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