Please do not let me get hit by a bike.

This is my thought while flying to Copenhagen. Silly? Maybe. But in a city where bikes outnumber people and you had better look before stepping off any curb — this is going to take some focus on my part. Because… I hate to admit it, but I don’t always pay attention to where I’m walking. 🙂 What can I say… I’m busy looking around, interested in my surroundings! Next thing you know, I fall off the curb.  Soooo, needless to say, I did not tell my husband about the bike situation before I left town, lol!

So far so good… I’ve spent 2 full days in Copenhagen, walking everywhere. My Fitbit keeps buzzing me with balloons showing I’m hitting all kinds of milestones and going way overboard with the number of steps, hah!  And, I’ve managed to stay out of trouble and out of the way of bicycles.

The people are very nice here and it feels completely comfortable and safe walking by myself. My taxi driver was so helpful, friendly, and kind… he told me all the places I should see, what to avoid, we talked about the language, city, culture, everything. Then, the gentleman at the front desk at my hotel told me how he ended up living in Copenhagen… he is from Australia, but married a Danish woman. He’s been all over the world and traveled extensively through the United States… and he’s a surfer! So we had a lot to talk about. Young woman behind the bar at the hotel… adorable and so sweet. Everyone in town is super excited and you can hear shouts and cheers all over town — Denmark beat Peru in the World Cup today. A lot of drunken revelry on the streets tonight!

Here are some photos and notes from the last few days…

First thing upon arrival at my hotel – unpack, a quick nap, and COFFEE! Then exploring…




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