Joanna is making great progress – and so am I.

IMG_3293Joanna is now 17 weeks. She is not biting, but the chewing continues. I have spent $500 in bones so far – and she likes to chew the stinkiest ones on my lap. She recently dropped a real heavy bone on my foot and broke my toe.

She likes the Phooey Spray that you spray on items you don’t want dogs to chew. Dogs are supposed to hate the taste, but of course Joanna doesn’t mind it at all.

She is still waking us up early (but my darling husband gets up with her every morning, not me). She remains klutzy and obsessed with food.  She still loves to lay in her fluffy potty bush.

She is dying to play with our cats, but they avoid her like the plague. She loves stuffed animals and is hilarious with empty plastic bottles. She is super smart and already knows the following commands – sit, stay, leave it, come, drop it, and down.

She is sometimes naughty, but also very, very sweet and a real lovebug. I am happy to report, Joanna is now making me laugh instead of cry, a very good turn of events. All in all, Joanna is making great progress – and so am I.  I still complain and say I hate her, but truth be told I like her a lot more than I let on. When she’s so happy to see me that she can’t stop wiggling, I scratch her belly. When I look into Joanna’s eyes, I melt… and when she rests her chin on my knee and looks up at me, I do love that crazy girl.  And of course she loves me best of all.

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