The Rock Report – Live from DC Area

The downpour did not stop the crowds from coming out to see my husband Michael’s new U2 Tribute band. They played in Irish club RiRa’s in DC on Friday night to a crowded house with a line of people waiting to get in… then followed that up with RiRa’s in Bethesda, Maryland on Saturday. The club and staff were awesome. I made the 5 hour trek with my friend Rebekah – road trip! Yes, we are official groupies. And yes, I stayed in “Bono’s” hotel room… and slept with him. You can read all the sordid details in my tell-all book which I will write later in life. The band rocked… this was only their first time playing, and they only had one practice — you would never know. The guys were totally on it… I was very impressed.

On another note… my rhinestone studded high heels were a major hit… big conversation starter… we made friends all over town. See story below for more shoe info and photo. There’s the fashion and rock report… signing out from the DC area. michael_guitar001

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