Dawn’s Daily Palette hit its Goal!

Hey everyone! We made it! We hit our goal!!! Thank you to everyone who backed this project, we appreciate it so much!

Backers will be receiving a questionnaire to fill in, so I can mail the rewards… I can’t wait to send everything out!!!  🙂

And… stay tuned! I’ll keep you posted on the show. The first episode will be launched this Summer! Woohooo!!!!!! Please check out our website and follow along on Dawn’s Daily Palette on Facebook and Instagram… I’ll be posting paintings, how-to steps, and videos along the way!

Backers – FYI… Funds go toward pre and post production crew and marketing. For crew during the production of each episode, we are hiring a production assistant and coordinator, lighting assistants, and camera operator. For marketing, we will be running digital ads and a social media campaign, as well as blogging and doing interviews. We are producing and marketing 2 complete episodes. Funds will also go toward fulfilling all rewards.

Again, thank you so much for helping to get my show off the ground!

Dawn xxx

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