Art, coffee, conversation – sounds like a perfect morning!

Joanna on set of Dawn's Daily Palette
Joanna on set. She likes to get in on the act. I just have to make sure she doesn’t try to eat the paint 🙂

I just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to produce a new web series, Dawn’s Daily Palette. It’s an art show, with a fun, personal side to it.  At the beginning of each episode, I’ll include some of conversations with my husband… our typical morning, coffee talk. Then into the painting we go! I want it to entertain, delight, captivate… and to appeal to everyone, not just artists.

After a lot of research and planning, I realized that so many people find it fascinating and mesmerizing to watch someone create, mix paint, and see something come to life. I’m not the only one! 🙂  It’s meditative and relaxing… it basically puts you in a happy place! And that’s what Dawn’s Daily Palette is about — sprinkling some joy and light into each and every day!

Mixing Paints on Dawn's Daily Palette
Did you know that millions of people like to watch paint being mixed and blended together?

On the show, I’ll go from a blank canvas to a finished piece, spotlighting the major steps, mixing colors, selecting brushes, and more. At the end of each episode, I’ll include a link to the website where, if someone is really inspired, they can get a more in-depth lesson on how to create the painting.

That’s it in a nutshell. I hope you’re inspired enough to check out my Kickstarter campaign! When you donate to this campaign, you get to choose from a list of rewards including prints of my paintings, notecards, signed prints, and more.

So… you ready? Get your brush – or cup of coffee… I can’t wait to get started!

Dawn's Daily Palette, web series
Art, coffee, conversation – be delightfully inspired and see a painting come to life on Dawn’s Daily Palette! Oh, and hang out with Joanna… our bad and super cute doggie 🙂

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